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Katie B.: YELP on 09/21/14

Wonderful friendly staff! I loved their products, scrubs, lotions etc.. And they had a huge wall of colors , in regular and gel polishes ! I am very pleased

Sara P. : YELP on 02/15/14


Having tried to come once before, only to wait (outside) for nearly an hour, I planned my timing for the store's opening and brought my 2 daughters along for a mommy/girls day!

We only waited long enough to pick out our colors before being welcomed back together to the pedicure chairs. The ladies who worked on my girls were so nice and helpful, and they pampered their little feet so well. Sugar scrub, lotions, massage, and even suggesting tiger stripes to go with their orange polish selections. I'm sure I paid extra for all of that, but I couldn't help it, they were having such a good time!

My pedicure was wonderful!! I had the deluxe pedicure, and in addition to the scrubs, exfoliating, and massage, it also had a hot stone massage, a foot masque, and another treatment with oil, I believe. Every time I looked down she was starting another treatment and it was all amazing! It was pricey, but a little pampering can work wonders!

My girls' fingers and toes look adorable, I felt great, and we had a wonderful time! The girls have already asked when we can do it again! I may have created little nail monsters! Lol! We will be back!


Jenna C.: YELP on  07/14/14

 I've been coming here since high school, for over 10 years, and they've been under the same owners the whole time, as well as retaining most all of the same staff...they've increased the number of services they offer now, from nails (glitter gel, designer like coach, LV and colored tips) multiple types of spa pedicures, gel mani/pedi, facial and body waxing, facials for teens to adults and MORE. they also have a menu just for kids...they can get EXTREMELY busy so weekdays after 4pm you might wanna make an appt but they always accept walk ins

R.K: YELP on 09/22/14

Great customer service and really talented nail techs. There is not a design I have taken there that they couldn't do. Everyone there is professional and welcoming. I've been going for years and I'm a totally satisfied customer.


Kayla G : YELP on 11/12/13

 Long wait but obviously worth it cause everyone was waiting. Same quality time spent on each client.
Good service, no prices on wall but very detailed and educating menu.
Overheard guys explaining procedure to client. Love the hot beverage machine.
But they were shorthanded,
They recommend services.
Very large selection of shellac polishes
Plays great music
Stayed very late
They have a computer POS so no making up prices you know exactly what the price is from the time you sit down it doesn't change .
Great salon...long wait.

Billie L : YELP on 11/02/13

 They are the best!  I have been going here for more than 3 yrs and now have got my family going with me.  I always get the Final Touch pedicure and then my fills and I get a manicure on occasion.  I tend to be very picky when it comes to my nails and I drive more than 30 mins to get there, meaning they are worth the drive!  On that note something else I love is that my nails NEVER lift and I almost always go 3 weeks between fills! 
After reading one of the reviews I want to say that those GEL manicures are not for everyone, if you happen to have an oily nail bed the gel will not stick!
I do wish they would take appointments but it is worth the wait!

Tiffany S: YELP on 01/12/14

 I've gone to many different nail salons around Tucson, Final touch nail & salon is the absolute best salon I've been to and will continue to go to; employing not only artistic and creative but an extremely friendly staff!! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!

Moly H (Australia): YELP on 04/14/12


Fantastic!  Heeding Rachel's advice (and since I was on this side of town) I headed to Final Touch for a much-needed pedicure.  Everyone was so kind and they were very helpful when I explained I had an accident with my big toe this week and the nail was badly damaged.  They made it look like it never happened!  The pedicure was long and very, very relaxing.  The chairs are great, the sugar scrub smells divine.  The whole experience was fabulous.
The owner was very nice after he noticed I checked in and made a special effort to ask about Yelp and thanked me for coming in.  In fact, he went beyond that.  See, it being a frigid, rainy day I was wearing flats and kept messing up my toenails before I left (those suckers would not dry!)  The owner gave me a pair of plastic flip flops to wear home.  Also, my nail technician fixed my toes, twice!  Ooops!  Remember to wear your sandals to the nail salon!





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